Standing on the mountain side the army of the Lord
across the way the giant stood defeat was looking sure
A little boy named David picked up a judgment stone
and when the dust had settled the giant he was gone.


God moves mountains every time that come into our life
sometimes He moves them instantly
sometimes one stone at a time.
The only hope thy had for life was sealed inside a tomb
the entrance sealed with a giant stone their joy had turned to gloom
When an angel came down from Gods throne and shoved the stone aside
And the message is still strong today our Savior is alive.

Sometimes here in our journey the mountains seem so high
God say's child don't stop climbing take one step at a time
Then step by step He chisels one stone at a time
till that mountain is behind me and I'm on the other side.

Key of A minor
Writer: Billy Fields
Publisher: Fields For Harvest Music/BMI
Time: 3:08


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