Staring at the sparrows searching through the winter snow
Trying to find a morsel of food to help them grow
And sometimes I turn the pages of God's Holy Word
Trying to find an answer in lifes storm
I feel like those little birds
I draw comfort from the knowledge that His eyes sees each of them
And knowing in the Bible that I mean so much more to Him
If He'll help them through the winters storm when everything so bleak
He will feed me from His table at times when I am weak

And your worth more to God than sparrows
And they mean everything to Him
And when your soul is feeling hunger He will feed you just like them
And when the storms of life surround you and your heart is losing strength
He will leave a handful for you just like He does for them

I know God helps those little birds find food in all that snow
And it seems just like a miracle they always know just where to go
So when the storms of life are rageing and help just seems so hard to find
Just remember that your Father is the one who treats those little birds so kind


Written by Billy Fields


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