Just a carpenter you say, let me tell you what He's built.
In plain view for all to see, at a place called Calvary's Hill.
On a cross made from a tree, with just three rusty nails.
Jesus built a bridge to Heaven, and saved our dying soul from Hell.

Not a tool in his hands, just love in His heart.
He knew He would die there, right from the very start.
Thank God for not my will, in the garden where He fell.
If you think He's just a carpenter, take a look at what He's built.

He built it wide enough to span, Hell's raging fury underneath.
Because He knew that I would slip, made sure that it was not to steep.
Because I'm weak and I get tired, in my journey day to day.
He made a way for me to rest, from time to time along the way.



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