The news the doctor gave us as he gave a painful sigh,
You need to call your family in, theres just time to say good-bye.
And as we gently tried to tell her, she'd be leaving any time
The sweetest peace came on her face and this was her reply.

On the other shore theres millions more
Thats been waiting there for me.
I'll say good-bye for the briefest time
But hello's are eternally
So if the pain I see is meant for me
You can dry your tear filled eyes
I won't be alone in my brand new home
I have family on both sides.

We have so many loved ones who have already gone
And it leaves our heart so broken each time one of them goes on
And even though it hurts to see them leave just beyond ole Jordans tide
Theres a host of friends and family watching for them to arrive

Written by Billy Fields


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